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Dental exams

There are several kinds of dental exams depending on your dental needs.


We offer our new patients wishing more information on a given condition to have a consultation with a visual exam. This exam by one of our dentists aims at answering all your questions. Certain fees may apply.

Complete exam

Once fees have been discussed during the consultation exam or once the emergency has been addressed, we recommend a complete exam to each new patient.

Recall exam and preventive care (cleaning)

Once a patient’s dental condition has been restored to good health, regular check ups are made to prevent problems from developing unnoticed. A recall exam is an opportunity for the dentist to once again thoroughly look at all the areas associated with the mouth and compare the findings with previous records.

The “routine oral exam” known as periodic or recall exam is a maintenance exam done between 3 and 6 months after the comprehensive complete exam depending on your oral health.  This exam is done to help prevent tooth decay, gum disease or other dental disorders that could develop during this time and to review the way in which you take care of your teeth. This exam is often combined with maintenance care of the gums (scaling) in order to help you keep your teeth for a lifetime.