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Teeth grinding (bruxism)

Do you grind your teeth at night?

Do you clench hard your teeth or grind them while you sleep? If so, then you are part of that 6% of the general population suffering from bruxism, a condition caused by stress. Beware, such grinding causes a premature wear of the teeth. Teeth grinding is primarily due to stress. The importance of teeth grinding at night is apparently a function of the level of stress felt during the previous day. A study has revealed a correlation between bruxism and anxiety or hyperactivity. The main problem caused by bruxism is a premature and excessive wear of the teeth that leads them to crack. Before such wear becomes too important, we recommend that you wear a dental appliance made of resin (nightguard) that will protect your teeth at night by preventing your jaws from touching.


A nightguard is a hard plastic cast made after taking an impression of your teeth. It fits easily in your mouth and helps prevent the upper and lower teeth from touching.

Functions of a nightguard

  • Partially absorbs the stress caused by the forces of the bruxism (teeth grinding) or of clenching (tightening) for example
  • Relaxes the muscles of the jaws
  • May relieve the joints
  • May diminish the symptoms of pain

If your bruxism is also accompanied by the following symptoms: headaches, pain to the jaw or neck, cracking of the jaw, limited movement or jamming of the jaw, ear congestion or dizziness, then you need more than a simple nightguard.

In that case, please refer to the section on neuromuscular dentistry to have more information.